Hong Kong International Franchise, Investment & Entrepreneur Expo 2006
Hong Kong International Franchise, Investment & Entrepreneur Expo 2006
Hong Kong International Franchise, Investment & Entrepreneur Expo 2006
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Hong Kong, Asiaˇ¦s most glamorous metropolitan, has a long history as the most important financial and commercial centre in the world. With its established legal system, outstanding business expertise, and ideal business environment, many overseas companies have expanded their businesses in Hong Kong as their first and necessary step for developing the Asian market..

In recent years, the rapid development of China has become an international market focus. However, the cultural and historical differences have become an obstacle for many overseas companies to enter the China market. As a city that amalgamated with both East and West cultures, Hong Kong with its well established financial system is the most suitable city for overseas companies to set up their regional offices. The importance of Hong Kong as the Chinaˇ¦s window to the world is indisputable significance.

In response to the rapid growing economy in China and the tremendous demand in investment and entrepreneurship as contributed by the recovery of the economy in Hong Kong, the ˇ§Hong Kong International Franchise, Investment & Entrepreneur 2006ˇ¨ is organized to provide both local and overseas companies a gateway to develop and enter the Hong Kong and China markets. The Expo is scheduled to be held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 17th to 19th February 2006.

The Expo offers a one-stop-shop service in presenting a multitude of franchise, investment and Entrepreneur opportunities that offered in both Hong Kong and overseas:

Investment opportunities ˇVAlong with the steady recovery of Hong Kongˇ¦s overall economy, business and investment activities in both Hong Kong and China are developing rapidly. The Expo focuses on presenting various kinds of investment opportunities, ranging from business investment projects to different types of investment plans and tools that cater to the need of individual investor.

Entrepreneurship ˇV Nowadays, many people in Hong Kong are looking for opportunities to start up their own businesses. The Expo offers a multitude of information on entrepreneurship such as starting a shop or business thru franchising, sales and distributorship, insurance intermediary, direct sales, network marketing and many other that are related to entrepreneurship.

Franchise opportunities ˇV In recent years, franchising is growing vigorously in China, Hong Kong and Asia. The main reason for its dramatic development is that franchising provides a well established operation system which reduces the risk aversion of the investor. The Expo introduces numerous kinds of franchising opportunities as offered in Hong Kong, China and overseas.

The Expo aims to provide an international platform for Hong Kong and international brands to enter the China market. At the same time, China brands can also get hold of this golden opportunity to develop their businesses in Hong Kong and overseas market.

To ensure the success of the Expo, a large scale advertising campaign will be launched. An extensive advertising campaign will be launched in Hong Kong. It includes newspapers, magazines, TV / radio, subway stations, train stations, bus stands, directory, websites, poster and leaflets. Moreover, promotions in China and overseas will also be arranged to attract investors and visitors. Same as last year, the Expo is widely supported by associations in Hong Kong and overseas.

Seminars, conferences and instrumental business meetings will be arranged during the exhibition. Experts in the fields of international franchising, investment, entrepreneurship and regional economic development will be invited to conduct those events.

Since the Expo is the only one related to franchise, investment and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, in addition to the rising economy of Hong Kong and China, it is projected that there will be an affluent number of investors and visitors attending the expo which resulted in an unlimited business opportunities for all Exhibitors.